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Marsha K Stafford Business Consultant
SUDC (Substance Use Disorder Counselor). LPP (Licensed Probation Provider)
A chance to give back what has been so freely given to me. I am a face and a voice of recovery and I am here to remind you that treatment works and recovery is possible. No one gave up on me and I will not give up on another who is suffering I will pay it forward. Every day I am sober I will be a tool for God to help another for that I am in debt to him and my fellows. I was shown how to move mountains now I have been given a chance to climb one. Here I come Mt. Everest.!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We climbed the Triple Crown in 2011, elevation 20, 005ft

Marsha K Stafford is a SUDC (Substance Use Disorder Counselor since 2004). LPP (Licensed Probation Provider since 2004) As a Business Consultant in my own Company, New U Recovery LLC, since 2010, I assist companies in opening Recovery facilities ranging from Social Detoxification, In Patient, Out Patient, and Recovery Residences. I specialize in Program Development, am a Best Notes Administrator, a JCAHO Administrator. I am the Executive Director of New U Recovery Inc. a non profit company, I started in 2010 who’s mission is to provide education, medical, addiction recovery, and humanitarian aid in Nepal 

I am the Executive Producer for the documentary, Climb 4 Sobriety 2012, the Production Assistant for Sherpa the movie 2014

Producer and Host of The Been There Done That Show, a recovery talk radio show. The mission of the show is to be a voice in recovery since December 2012

Active Member of Alcoholics Anonymous since 3-11-00

Licenses & Certificates:
College of Social Work Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Training Program attended 2004 University of Utah School on Alcoholism attended 2006, 2008, 2010

Utah Fall Conference 2011-2017
Ethics Training, Prime for Life DUI Instructor since 2002

Prime Solutions Instructor certified June 5, 2009, 
since 2007 License #6300986-6006
LPP (Licensed Probation Provider) since 2006 License #6300986-5001

Dale Carnegie graduate 1983
Director of Women’s Big Book Retreat 2005-2007, 2014-2018
Support Staff Women’s Big Book Retreat 2000-2014
Volunteer for Women’s International conference Salt Lake City, Utah 2009

Editor of Alcoholics Anonymous Salt Lake City, Utah meeting schedule 2004 to 2009
Utah Delegate for Recovery Days and A&E Recovery Project 2010

Volunteer for Lost In Woonsocket non-profit Lost and Found in America tour 2010

NADAC member insured with Van Wagner Group and USARA member

NAMI membership
UCYPAA Bid Committee Chairperson Hospitals and Institutions 2011-2012

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